Best moroccan Cuisine Recipes

Moroccan cuisine is, above all, a wonderful time you spend with other family members or friends, having fun and making jokes while you cook… Traditionally, our cuisine is not based on a completely fixed recipe book but rather is linked to concepts such as spontaneity, feeling… Paul Bocusse (renowned French chef) described Moroccan cuisine as one of the three best in the world. It is very rich, varied and complex.

In my blog I want to pay tribute to Moroccan traditions. The recipes described in the traditional Moroccan food that I learned to cook since I was very young. However, I always try to give it an original touch, allowing our readers to try the different condiments that can be combined with their dishes to discover new and unique flavors.

Moroccan Food by types

 The country’s gastronomy is influenced by African, Berber, Jewish and Mediterranean recipes.
 Vegetables, lemons, chicken or lamb meat, semolina, dates and lots of cinnamon that you will love. Spices are basic ingredients in Moroccan gastronomy. One of the unforgettable experiences of Morocco is its aroma when visiting any souk where there are spice stalls.

Bread & Buns


Most famous Moroccan spices

In souk spice shops, ground, reddish, yellowish and various shades of brown spices are piled into baskets, cubes or bowls, whole spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom capsules, star anise, gum arabic, dried chillies and fragrant rose blossoms, contrast with the elegant piles of ground spices.

The eight most important spices of Moroccan cuisine are cinnamon, cumin, saffron, paprika, turmeric, black pepper, felfa soudaniya, similar to cayenne pepper and ginger.



Ras el hanout