Chicken Tagine With Olives And Candied Lemons

The Chicken Tagine with olives and candied lemon is a recipe from the Moroccan classic repertoire; We reveal below the recipe of this chicken tagine, ideal for a meal with friends in the Moroccan style without having to go out. It’s a good winter dish full of anti-inflammatory spices and it’s even better reheated the next … Read moreChicken Tagine With Olives And Candied Lemons

Traditional Moroccan Cuscus with 7-vegetables

This Moroccan speciality is a national dish appreciated by everyone, it is often prepared on Fridays for the family reunion and shared with neighbours. It is also carried out during both happy and tragic events. In this recipe I’m going to explain the most famous and traditional cuscus recipe, with vegetables and lamb meat. A recipe … Read moreTraditional Moroccan Cuscus with 7-vegetables